Blockchain Games To revolutionize the Gaming Industry

The number of applications in Blockchain Technology has exploded in a very vast way. This is mainly due to the reason that the new system can solve the problem in a revolutionary way.

The potential reach for Blockchain is far beyond the financial sector. With the growing industry, new problems have emerged which didn’t exist a decade ago.

The gaming industry is now embracing “Blockchain Technology”. This new technology is all set to disrupt and evolve much bigger than before.

The technology will revolutionize the way games are developed, managed, and played

Blockchain in Gaming Industry

Blockchain is a chain of data blocks stored on a computer network that is transparent to all the users and everyone else. The system is decentralized, meaning there is no involvement of a central authority to owning and controlling the game.

Blockchain uses smart contracts functionality whose results are recorded in a decentralized and immutable way hence, the ownerships of the game-in-assets cannot be changed.

Here the users will own parts of the game and the digital assets all by themselves.

Unlike other games where the developers hold the powers to change or remove the items, they see. In Blockchain gaming, players hold the ownerships of the game-in-assets.

Decentralization can tend to introduce a number of game-changing features with the gaming economy being the most prominent one. The time spent playing numerous video games can now pay the users as an income.

Additionally, with Blockchain, the gaming networks give control over video games. Gaming networks are not mutable, which ensures that network deployed gaming apps and their series remain untouched.

This will allow the users to download and install different versions of video games, without the gaming experience unaffected.

Few projects that are taking this gaming trend forward:

There are plenty of existing and aspiring blockchain companies that have been established in the Blockchain gaming industry.

A few of them are listed below :

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular blockchain gaming startups gaining popularity in the market. The blockchain-based game has also seen its native crypto token rally by 2100%, since the beginning of July.

Axie Infinity incorporates Non-Fungible Tokens. The monsters or the Axies in the game are NFT’s. Players spend real money on those characters and engage in battles with other players. They can also level up characters and sell them to other players which in turn generates income for the players.

Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity has raised $152 million at a nearly $3 billion valuation to help grow its Axie- infinity “ play-to-earn” game.

Game Infinity — Blockchain Gaming Platform

GameInfinity is another best alternative to the AXIE Infinity game. GameInfinity is a Blockchain Gaming Platform that offers various single-player and multiplayer games integrated with $META tokens.

The players are rewarded with tokens and require a $META token to enter the game. In the GameInfinity Gaming Universe, you get access to games, meet friends, chat with gamers, trade gaming NFT and make gaming a full-time earning source.

Game Infinity has a lot to offer for its users with Simplified Blockchain gaming and NFT services.


Decentraland is one of the most immersive blockchain games on the market. The game utilizes the Ethereum blockchain which focuses on purchasing and customizing 3D space represented by a non-fungible asset called LAND.


The Sandbox has been in the industry since 2015. It is called the Sandbox because it is the ultimate sandbox game, giving players the ability to create anything they want with the availability of numerous resources.

Additionally, with Blockchain, players will be able to share and monetize their creations via non-fungible tokens making them even more attractive.

Blockchain Gaming is a complete paradigm shift compared to how gaming was until now. Gamers can have the guarantee of digital assets which cannot be deleted by any game developers. The technology will now bring an enhanced, safer, and more seamless gaming experience for its users.



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